Epocas y avances

9780300108361Epocas y avances
Lengua en su contexto cultural
Text, Workbook and Audio

Textbook by Scott Gravina, Isabel Jaén-Portillo, Claudia Mendez, and Regina SchroederWorkbook by Ramón Funcia, Juliana Ramos, Lissette Reymundi, and Julien Simon

Samples from the Textbook
Table of Contents (3 pages, PDF)
Scope and Sequence (2 pages, PDF)
Tema 5: El Popol Vuh (18 pages, PDF)
Samples from the Workbook
Table of Contents (11 pages, PDF)
Tema 5: El Popol Vuh (9 pages, PDF)

Intended for intermediate- to advanced-level students, Épocas y avances uses a unique communicative-humanistic approach to second language acquisition. Through a series of original readings and related activities Épocas enhances linguistic proficiency while emphasizing important aspects of the history, literature, art, society, geography, language, and culture of Spain and Latin America.
Both the textbook and workbook include an audio CD.
Audio files for the textbook and workbook are also online here.
The interdisciplinary content of Épocas y avances is designed to:

• Provide specific tools to generate optimized language production.• Reinforce the main skills of language learning, including oral and written comprehension and production.

• Enable students to encounter, examine, and acquire new vocabulary and linguistic structures.

• Show students the importance of some of the major civilizations and social processes throughout history that influenced and shaped the language and culture of Spain and Latin America as we know them today.

• Offer a complete, intellectually stimulating, and academically challenging tool for awakening a general interest in the humanities and enriching students’ personal interaction with other cultures.

Give students ample opportunity to explore the diversity of other peoples and cultures in more detail, thus preparing them for their role as global citizens.

Épocas y avances includes:

Student Textbook (978-0-300-18036-1)
Student Workbook (978-0-300-18037-8)
Annotated Instructor’s Edition (978-0-300-18038-5) (online only)
Quia Online Workbook (978-0-300-13720-0)
Companion website with all audio files
Test bank of 22 quizzes (Word files) (email us to request access)
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The Annotated Instructor’s Edition is available as an ebook at this website. Email us to request access or visit yalebooks.com/e-exam to make the request.