Identité, Modernité, Texte

Welcome to the companion Web site to Identité, Modernité, Texte.In addition to teaching new strategies for reading, Identité, Modernité, Texte also presents a new approach to introducing students of French to Twentieth-Century Francophone literature.

Modern literary Francophone texts, French culture and civilization, language building exercises and enough grammar to aid students in a better understanding of French textual analysis makes Identité, Modernité, Texte a complete program that bridges the gap between beginning and intermediate language courses and the start of literary studies.

About the Authors

Matthew Morris is associate professor of humanities (French), Oxford College of Emory University.

Carol Herron is professor of French, Emory University.

Colette-Rebecca Estin is an independent teacher, storyteller, and writer in Paris.

Praise for the Book

“From the introductory activities in each chapter to the background material on the literary passages to the post-reading activities and the suggested Internet research exercises, this unique book incorporates and applies theories on reading development, on language acquisition, and on promoting oral and written proficiencies.”
—Connie Knop, University of Wisconsin, Madison

“Any French instructor will immediately see the merit of this original textbook. It targets all foreign language acquisition skills and offers literary selections from authors and works that appeal to today’s college students.”
—Judith L. Barban, Winthrop University

“This book exposes students to pertinent existential questions about individual identity as well as questions about literary genres. The choice of texts and the expansion exercises at the ends of the chapters are both interesting and valuable.”
—Virginia M. Scott, Vanderbilt University