Top 10 Reasons to Adopt

Top 10 Reasons to Adopt

1. The flexibility of the program. A particular strength of this textbook is its flexibility. Identité, Modernité, Texte is designed for use in one or two semester courses as a main or supplementary text for any modern French course above the elementary level.

2. Customizable to instructional needs. The instructor using this book has a great variety of choice; instructors may determine, according to their own preferences and tastes, appropriate methodologies for particular classes.

3. Free Teacher’s Manual. Available online, the Teacher’s Manual offers ample methodological and practical advice on textbook use, gives answers to the exercises, and allows communication with the textbook’s authors.

4. Emphasis on mastery of reading skills using literary selections from Camus, Saint-Exupéry, Apollinaire, Robbe-Grillet, Duras, Sartre, Beckett, Genet, de Beauvoir, and Lévi-Strauss, with all commentary in French.

5. Unique approach, with a concentration on twentieth-century texts, literary genres, and teaching how to think critically about literature, makes it unlike other textbooks of its kind.

6. Cost effectiveness to learner. Its rich illustrations, beautiful design, and fully developed indexes make Identité an appealing, and usable-as well as very useful-book offered at a very affordable price.

7. Grammatical structures. Consolidates knowledge of language through a systematic review of grammatical concepts. The hierarchical grammar system organizes linguistic information given in the book.

8. Traditional Elements of Francophone culture. Riddles, word games, and other “jeux d’esprit” not generally familiar to American students are employed in Identité.

9. Develops research skills. Through specific exercises (including Internet) in Identité, students develop research skills and techniques of lifelong value.

10. Visually attractive and innovative graphics. Symbols throughout the book help the student find his or her bearings and introduce a light, playful tone to a book with a culturally dense context.