Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese, Intermediate Level

A Foundation Course in Mandarin,9780300141177
 Elementary and Intermediate Levels

Written by Julian K. Wheatley, Learning Chinese is a textbook series for the study of spoken and written Mandarin (Standard Spoken and Written Chinese). The books are intended as texts for beginning and intermediate classroom instruction, but the extensive audio clips will make it feasible for independent study as well (or better, independent study with occasional assistance of a tutor).

The main features of the text are presented in the Preface of the book; goals and methodological considerations are discussed in the Introduction. One feature of particular note: Learning Chinese treats conversation and reading (and writing) separately, in lessons that are matched to level, but are distinct in content. Learners may intersperse conversational lessons with reading, or study one without the other.

This Start Here Guide (PDF file) describes the websites contents, including Audio Clips, Exercise Keys, Vocabulary Lists, Indexes, and other materials accompanying the books.


Elementary Level Resources:


Intermediate Level Resources:


*The cumulative index can also be found on pages 467-84 of the Intermediate volume. The website version gives Elementary volume entries in black and Intermediate volume entries in red.


If you would like to contact the author, please write JKWLearningChinese@gmail.com.

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