7. Ustica

Chapter 7


The official site of the Associazione Parenti delle Vittime della Strage di Ustica.


A “historical/journalistic archive” that offers detailed information and official documents on two tragic events from the Summer of 1980: the crash of flight Itavia 870, and bombing of the train station in Bologna . Among other things, it includes official documents of the various trials, and all the articles written by Andrea Purgatori, the journalist of the Corriere della Sera who inspired the movie Il muro di gomma. It contains also pictures and video clips.


A personal “tribute to the memory” of the Ustica incident. Includes documents, vignettes, images, and relevant bibliography.


Information on the Ustica event, from the database of the Aviation Safety Network. Includes pictures, articles, and incident reports.


Michele Serra


The page of Michele Serra in the site of Italian publisher Feltrinelli. It includes interviews, articles and reviews.


Daria Bonfietti


From the site of the Italian Senate, the official page of Senator Daria Bonfietti, President of the Associazione Parenti delle Vittime della Strage di Ustica.


Marco Paolini


The official site of Marco Paolini, with texts, pictures, audio and video clips of his many productions, including I-TIGI Canto per Ustica. In Italian and English.


In August of 2002, Marco Paolini traveled throughout Italy by train, for three long weeks, accompanying La Repubblica’s journalist and writer Paolo Rumiz. The articles linked on this page deal with the experience of being on an Italian train, and feature humorous vignettes by Altan.


Giovanna Marini


The official site of folk singer Giovanna Marini. Includes audio clips.


Daniele Del Giudice


This page contains a video clip with a long interview to Daniele Del Giudice, who talks about theUstica incident.


Daniele Del Giudice is the coordinator of “Fondamenta-Venezia Città di Lettori,” a cultural program sponsored by the city of Venice .