Winner of the 2013 George Wittenborn Memorial Book Award from ARLIS/NA

Winner of 2013 Best Interactive  Product in the Tablet/Handheld category, from Communication Arts

Winner of 2013 Spark Award for Best App

Finalist for Best Education/Reference App, 2014 Digital Book Awards

“The gateway to an entire way of thinking. . . .It will blow your mind.”—Liz Stinson, Wired

“There are things that even one of the most beautiful books in the world cannot accomplish—things this app seems born to do. . . .  It is for anyone who wants to get under the hood and understand why and how we see the world the way we do. . . .A visionary work.”—Malcolm Jones, Newsweek/Daily Beast

“A modernized, interactive presentation of Albers’s teachings. With fingers instead of paintbrushes and a touch screen instead of paper, users can move and manipulate over 125 color plates in 60 interactive studies. Concepts like color relativity and vibrating boundaries come to life. . . . This new and different iteration of [Albers’s] theories adds dimension and interactivity for the digital age, sparking just the kind of discoveries that fueled his life’s work.”—Carey Dunne,

“Amazing. Beyond groundbreaking…. This is the example the world has been waiting for. An extraordinary piece of education and inspiration.”—Debbie Millman, Design Matters

“Magnificent. . . . An essential piece of visual literacy. . . . Interaction of Color, with its illuminating visual exercises and mind-bending optical illusions, remains an indispensable blueprint to the art of seeing.”—Maria Popova,

“A fresh way to engage with Albers’s lessons.”—Pilar Viladas, T: The New York Times Style Magazine

“A work of art in itself, the Interaction of Color app is a beauty to behold. One is able, for the first time, to actually interact with Albers’ previously static imagery, moving elements around and crafting one’s own takes on Albersian color exercises. . . . A vivid, timeless, and fully-immersive experience.”—Maxwell Tielman, DesignSponge  

“Incredible.”—Chip Kidd

“50 years after its first iteration as a handbook and teaching aid, this influential classic—which has inspired artist and designers everywhere—is more accessible than ever. . . . this app is for anyone who wants to learn more about thinking creatively regarding color and its uses.”—David Graver, Cool Hunting

“Enlighten yourself with one of the most important books on color ever written. It’s called Interaction of Color, and now you can experience it on your iPad. . . . Released by Yale University Press [the app] adds layers of interactivity to bring the experience closer to what Albers had envisioned.”—Michael Hession, 

“[Albers’s] design techniques . . . are accessible to all ages and expertise levels. . . . By engaging users in hands-on experimentation with color, the app promotes the same fundamentals that Albers used to captivate generations of students.”—Amanda Eisenberg, Elle Décor

“A revelation. . . . [it’s] easy to imagine that Albers might approve of this evolution in his experiential method. Future students will push around pixels instead of colored paper, but the process of discovery is fundamentally the same. The app . . . doesn’t replace but builds upon and enhances the original.”—Bryn Smith, Designers & Books

“[A] design triumph.”—Mostaffa Heddaya,

“A masterful and accessible 21st-century vision of Albers’s magnum opus.”—Barry Eitel,

“An interactive iPad app updating this bible of color theory for the 21st century, allowing users to delve into [Albers’s] ideas and, as the teacher would certainly approve, play and experiment. . . . If only all textbooks were this exciting.”—Patrick Sisson,

“Yale University Press has crafted a book worthy of its original author’s intentions. . . . The app is wonderfully immersive, enabling readers to interact with—and save—colour exercises. This ability, to really work with the book, helps you to truly understand Albers’ ideas.”—Webstandardistas

“The ‘Interaction’ app is a clean and logical extension of the original text and one could easily imagine that the exacting Albers would have adored this iteration of his work.”—Velvet Park

 “This absorbing and educational work . . . comes to life on iPad, with previously impossible interactions adding a new dimension.”—Chris Armstrong, TidBITS

 “For filmmakers, this app can not only be a supremely important teaching tool, but also a way to really flesh out the theories being taught. Working with the color plates and swatches could help build your knowledge of color aesthetics, while at the same time helping you determine the color palette of your next project.”—V. Renée, No Film School blog

“[A] beautiful gift to the world of design. . . . It brings Albers’ text into the digital age in the most appropriate manner, with clarity and elegance. . . . Teachers of color theory can easily make use of this app in class or as homework.”—Carolina de Bartolo, Designer’s Review of Books

“The most eagerly awaited art app of the season . . . the ability to slide color elements to make direct comparisons and to create one’s own color studies demonstrates (addictively) the tablet’s potential for art publishing.”—Christopher Lyon, Bookforum

“…transform[s] Albers’ canonic color theory text into a modern and fun iPad experience . . . an inspiring design while remaining respectful of the original content.”—Design Envy

“If you are looking for a deeper understanding of the relationship of colors, prepare to dig in.”—Art of Education

“A sophisticated app for iPads. . . . brilliantly designed . . . [now] readers can be collagists rather than just attentive spectators.”—Sebastian Smee, Atlantic


Yale News featured video.


Listen to Design Matters’s Debbie Millman interview Potion’s Phillip Tiongson and The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation’s Brenda Danilowitz about the Interaction of Color app.