• Full text and plate commentary, describing Albers’s renowned principles on how to see and understand color.
  • Over 125 original color studies, including flaps and moving pieces.
  • Over 60 interactive plates that reproduce the experience of working with paper, a captivating feature inspired by Albers’s teaching methodologies.
  • A beautiful new palette tool, in which colors are manipulated like paper.
  • The ability to create, save, and export your final designs and palettes into any vector-based design software.
  • Over two hours of video commentary, including archival video of Albers and interviews with experts explaining key principles, making even the most challenging problems easy to understand.
  • Interviews with leading designers and artists explaining how they use color in their professional practices.

The Interaction of Color app is now available in two editions: as a free download that includes Chapter 10 (text, video commentary, two interactive plates, and the palette tool) with the option to buy the full content through an in-app purchase; and as a complete, unlocked version, with no in-app purchase necessary.