Communicating in Chinese

An Interactive Approach to Beginning Chinese

Communicating in Chinese offers a proficiency-based approach to learning standard Mandarin. Focusing on all four skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), the program consists of a series of graded tasks that approximate the real-life tasks that a student might face.

The components:

ANCILLARY MATERIALS for instructors are available in PDF through this Web site. Click below to download the files.

Picture Cards:

The Picture Cards are intended to be used in conjunction with the Students’ Book for Listening and Speaking. The words and actions on the cards illustrate the vocabulary of the text and are intended as an aid to classroom teaching.

Instructions for making your Picture Cards:
After printing out the cards for a unit, set your copier to double-sided mode to make your set of picture cards. Please be patient when printing out the cards, as PDF files often take longer to print than other file types.

Click below to open the PDF files


EXAMINATION COPIES of most of our books and materials are available for free to qualified instructors of appropriate courses. To request an examination copy you can do one of the following:

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